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senni saun
Senni Sauna

Since ancient times, sauna has been a place that replenishes the body and soul. This culture can only be understood and enjoyed through genuine sauna experiences.

In the courtyard of Klaara-Manni stands a wonderful Estonian sauna – Senni sauna. Depending on the season, you can pick or make a herbal bough from linden, oak, rowan or birch for gently beating yourself on the sauna platform. You should wear a sauna hat. We are going to hear some sauna stories. Knowledgeable people are going to talk about the might of plants and of nature and our own inner energy. A bucket shower provides refreshment.

Up to 12–15 people can sit on the platform at the same time. In the anteroom, you find bath towels and delicious snacks.

Price: € 250 plus € 18 for each sauna person (up to 15 people).

Price includes:
– Use of the Senni sauna for up to 6 hours
– Introduction into sauna traditions by our sauna guide
– Herbal bough
– Bath products (salt, honey, kefir)
– Use of sauna hats
– Sauna snacks and herbal water

For an extra charge: catering and sauna drinks, use of the premises and accommodation in our holiday center.

e-mail info@klaaramanni.ee or call 5645 7745

Klaara-Manni Countrywoman’s SPA has been recognised with “Estonia – the Natural Way” quality mark.

Estonia – the Natural Way label recognizes nature-friendly tourism services that introduce the local way of life and nature. With the development of tourism services bearing the Estonia – the Natural Way label, we are also valuers of the local cultural heritage and way of life.

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